Student Voice

Wind in the Willows - in the making
Our Grade 11 students Charlotta and Pavla have created this fun promotional video for the 2017 senior production "Wind in the Willows". The video gives you a glimpse of the action that you will see at the actual show at the end of December. Enjoy!
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Grade 9 project about environmental issues in French
Grade 9 students created these posters to raise awareness about environmental issues, and learned French along the way.

design: this year's projects
What's been happening in design so far this year? Grade 9 students tackled the challenge of creatively redesigning primary school chairs. Grade 8 were tasked with upcycling unwanted products to make environmentally-friendly clocks. Grade 7 collaborated to create a learning mat designed to aid pre-school children learn a specific skill.

ISPrimary voice: radio podcast
"For students, by students"

GRADE 10 textile products
Grade 10 showcase the products they made in their design class

"alice" in the making
Students got together to make the props and set for the 2016 senior school production, "Alice".

Grade 9 T-Shirt Designs with a Cause
Grade 9 students wearing t-shirts that they created in design class. All of the designs carry a powerful message about a topic that the student feels passionate about.

GRADE 4 "explain everything" PROJECT
This story was written, illustrated and put to video by Grade 4 student Mihika as part of the Explain Everything project.

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Grade 2 create posters on water resources as part of their unit of inquiry "Managing Resources".

design in 2017-18
Secondary School students work on a variety of projects as part of their design courses. This year's themes include "upcycling": reusing materials to create a more useful or valuable product, and "issues in our society" t-shirts.

remembering anne frank
To mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2017, Grade 7 students explored the effect of the Holocaust on communities through the perspective of Anne Frank's diary, recording their impressions to make a collage dress.

forbidden city art workshop
Students studying Chinese took part in an art workshop with visiting artist Petra Mrsa as part of their exploration of Chinese culture. They looked at the design and construction of China's Forbidden City and created their own artistic impressions of the palace.

GRADE 9 infographics
For the interdisciplinary "Unity Unit", students in Grade 9 used their maths and design skills to create infographics relating to our school community on topics such as as sleeping habits and use of technology.

chinese new year
The Grade 6 & 7 Chinese class celebrate Chinese New Year by making calendars, story books and trying traditional Chinese calligraphy. Read more

Primary School Art Work

Watch this video to hear what it is like to move from the Primary School to the Secondary School.

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Student news stories
These stories were all written by ISP students about the various activities taking place in the school.
Grade 11 photo workshop
Visual arts students in Grade 11 took part in a photography workshop where they experimented with props and learned how to maximize the potential of smart phone photography.

clay club sculptures
Students in the lunchtime clay club have been working on sculptures inspired by their trip to the Céramique 14 exhibition earlier in the year.

g10 art: out of print
Grade 10 students wrote a piece of creative writing in three languages on the theme of love and conflict as part of their art and world languages project for the interdisciplinary "Unity Unit". These are the 2D artworks they created to represent an aspect of their writing.

"Alice" Poster designs
Posters created by Grade 12 student Mari Katsuno for the senior theatre production of "Alice" in December 2016

grade 3 imovie project: come to isp!
Grade 3 have been creating their own videos using iMovie as part of their technology learning. This video was created by Simón.

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