Intergenerational learning

Bridges between Cultures and Generations

At the International School of Paris we believe that sharing knowledge, skills and experiences across generations is an invaluable learning experience for our students. As part of the French Initiation course of the Middle Years Programme, students at ISP have the opportunity to engage and learn with local people of all ages.

Since the program began 18 years ago, ISP's intergenerational learning program has included activities such as teaching seniors how to use the internet, playing Scrabble and bingo, organizing a Christmas concert and finding out how a French bakery makes bread. These experiences represent a meaningful opportunity for students learning French to put their language skills into practice with members of the local community, while enriching their awareness of French culture.

"Intergenerational work demands that we recognize the inherent strength of each generation and the need we all share to be connected." Donna Butts, Generations United