Grade 12 Visual Arts Vernissage 2019-2020



Vernissage 2020






Emotions in various contexts, such as war, sexism and depression. Injustice related to prejudice and poverty.

Link to Aisha's exhibit. 


Anastasia art vernissage

An exploration and experimentation with space, reality and their interaction with the viewer. 

Link to Anastasia's exhibit. 


Camilla vernissage

Ideas about environmentalism, the destruction of nature and the ruthless slaughtering of endangered animals.

Link to Camilla's exhibit. 


Cole Vernissage

Components of my worldview in visual form. Representation of vitality in struggle with all that slows or stops it.

Link to Cole's exhibit. 


Hannah Vernissage

Ideas about self-cognition and cultural integration, through paintings, sculptures and photographs.

Link to Hannah's exhibit. 


Leah Vernissage

Exploration of self image and infinity, represented with mirrors or photos and including repeating patterns.

Link to Leah's exhibit. 


Madeline Vernissage

An exploration of several different ideas that relate to the theme of identity. What forms an identity?

Link to Madeline's exhibit. 


Mattia Vernissage

A discussion of modern societal and political ideologies. An exploration of the emotional side of our brain. 

Link to Mattia's exhibit. 


May Vernissage

An exploration of the theme 'pushing boundaries' through the study of mental illnesses.

Link to May's exhibit. 


Maya Vignette


An exploration of the perception of women, from the constraints of society to the vulnerability within.

Link to Maya's exhibit. 


Mila Vernissage

An exploration of ideas of women’s position in society and its evolution throughout the years. 

Link to Mila's exhibit. 


Mio Vernissage

The transience of the natural world: cycle of the seasons, interaction of sunlight and air, the briefness of life.

Link to Mio's exhibit. 


Rafael Vernissage

An exploration of illusion, inspired by Op Art artists who created optical illusions using colour and line.

Link to Rafael's exhibit. 


Rebecca Vernissage

A focus on the female figure; an exploration of femininity, vulnerability, and body image.

Link to Rebecca's exhibit. 


Violeta Vernissage

Art as a universal language and the immaterial dimension of the organic world. Personal connections to art.  

Link to Violeta's exhibit. 

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