Sustainable Development Project

2018 Sustainable Development Project

For the 2018 trip, ISP's Sustainable Development Team will go to Otjimanagombe, Namibia. The students' main initiatives will be to:

  • Teach children English, French, math, science and sports, sharing the knowledge they have received through the IB programs;
  • Build a playground and restore the scool and boarding school;
  • Provide shoes, uniforms and school materials for children;
  • Develop the garden for growing food for the children;
  • Provide learning support through library and computer room activities;
  • Raise awareness of AIDS and develop outreach with the San people in the Kalahari Desert.

For more information, please contact Marie-Cyrille Lavalle, the Sustainable Development Project leader, at

International School of Paris leads student trips to less economically developed countries, like Namibia, Ghana and Costa Rica, to show students how they can have a positive influence on the lives of the inhabitants, by promoting sustainable development.

During these annual trips, the school does not make monetary donations to local charitable organizations. Rather, a team of student volunteers works alongside local people in service projects which directly benefit the community and the local children, in particular.

By contributing to a worthwhile cause, ISP students gain a meaningful experience and build a spirit of friendship and solidarity that goes beyond the boundaries of politics, religion, race, and geography. The trips also help students become more independent and self-reliant: they have to learn and understand the rules of living in a small community by cooking for themselves, washing their own clothes and adapting to a new and challenging environment.