Junk Kouture


Junk Kouture is a mega fun way to create sustainable fashion from recycled material you may have at home. Our Middle School students gave it a try during the last unit in their Design course and they produced some wonderfully fashionable creations. We hope you enjoy ISP's first Junk Kouture Virtual Fashion Show!



Junk Kouture: Teaching the MYP Design Course during Social Distancing

At the International School of Paris (ISP) middle school, design is a core course offering. According to the International Baccalaureate Organisation, this course focuses on “applying practical and creative skills to solve design problems”. During the course students learn to safely operate equipment (sewing machines, woodworking tools, laser cutters, 3D printers, etc.) and to use technical software like Photoshop or CAD tools in order to design and test their own products. Collaboration and feedback are key to product development and improvement. 

During social distancing students no longer have access to the equipment and software necessary to carry out their design projects. They also have to brainstorm and give feedback virtually. So how can collaboration and design still happen at a distance?Junk Kouture may be the answer!

  • MYP
  • design
  • pedagogy
  • student experience
  • sustainability

Watch this video from the official Junk Kouture website to learn more about the annual competition and fashion show. 



Grade 6 Creations!

My target audience will like this product because it is original and they will be noticed when wearing it.
Says Adam, Grade 6 student. In Design, it's important to have empathy and to think about products that will meet the needs and desires of a target audience. 



Grade 7 Creations!

I can do this on my own...wait, no...I need help!
Says Carrie, Grade 7 student. She was persistent in refusing help from mom but realised that in order to finish her vest she would need a helping hand!
Says Carrie, Grade 7 student. She poked herself with her sewing needle quite a bit before mastering the technique!
In today's 'throw-away' society, it was fantastic to create a new garment from 100% sustainable and recyclable items.
Says Max, Grade 7 student. He really enjoyed working on this project and seeing how the project brief was interpreted so creatively by his classmates!



Grade 8 Creations!

It was difficult trying to make the neckline symmetrical, but eventually I was able to figure it out.
Says Sophie, Grade 8 student. It wasn't always easy to make sure designs turned out exactly as planned, but students found ways to adapt their designs and make them successful despite unexpected challenges. 



Grade 9 Creations!

To make the handle of my bag I cut plastic strips 5 cm long. I used the grill lighter to melt them together.
Says Soleil, Grade 9 student. A great example of using the tools and materials available at home to find a solution.