Alannah's Awesome Fund

Alannah's Awesome Fund students with Professor Petit, June 2019

ISP students pass on the funds collected through Alannah's Awesome Fund to Professor Petit, who is a leading researcher in childhood leukaemia at the Hopitaux de Paris. 

Alannah’s Awesome Fund is a student-led charity organization founded in memory of a beloved ISP student who passed away due to leukaemia.

The information below is an extract from a news story first published in the June 2018 number of our student publication “The Inquirer”.

“…The Alannah Fund is a prime example of our shared dedication and willingness to contribute to the good of others and the good of all. The Alannah Fund aims to raise both awareness and money to support childhood leukaemia research, with the hope of identifying a treatment. Over the course of [the 2017-18] school year, seven thousand two hundred and ten euros were raised for this incredibly important cause. This has been achieved thanks to parent and staff donations, fundraising at the secondary school International Day, fundraising at the primary school Ranelagh campus, and the hard work and advocacy of Grade Seven students. The funds were presented to Professor Petit in June, and they will then be directly used to further research surrounding childhood leukaemia so as to increase the possibility of finding a cure.

All aforementioned examples of devotion and donation have been significantly instrumental in the success of the Alannah Fund. However special recognition goes towards Alannah’s Awesome Tournament, raising approximately one thousand five hundred and twenty three euros this year (2018).  The Tournament is a project that was initiated three years ago, and involves the participation of ISP and other local schools in football and basketball matches. The organisation of Alannah’s Awesome Tournament is passed down throughout the grades in the hopes of its continuation in the years to come.

Once again, the International School of Paris collaborated with the Alannah Fund to contribute to the immensely worthy cause of leukaemia research. Each instance of jobs being accomplished, strength being demonstrated, effort being put in and solidarity and support being shared, brings us one step closer to saving deserving and prosperous young lives globally. Thank you again to this incredible foundation and for its powerful determination to strive for a better world. “