Student Visitors


How Can I Plan a Visit to the School?

The International School of Paris is happy to welcome our students’ friends to visit our school as long as the normal running of classes is not disrupted, and there are no safety implications to the visit.

Parental Authorisation and Legal Waiver Form


A visiting student must have a presently enrolled student as the host for the visit. The hosting student should email Secondary School Vice Principal (Wellbeing) Jo Pakulska or Primary School Principal Jason Taylor at least one week before the intended visit to investigate the possibility of the visit on the preferred date.

Once the visit has been agreed, and at least two days before the visit:

  1. The hosting student (Secondary School) or the hosting student's parents (Primary School) need to inform all teachers whose classes the visitor would be attending with the host, in order to ensure that there will be no disruption to activities that have been planned for the lesson.
  2. The parents or legal guardians of the visiting student must complete the French version of the parental authorisation and legal waiver form and bring this form to the main reception (45 rue Cortambert, 6 rue Beethoven at the Secondary School, 96bis rue du Ranelagh at the Primary School), for the visit to be authorised by the principal or vice principal.

Please note that the English version of the form is provided for information only. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, no visits can be accepted without the correct version of this form being correctly completed in French.

At the beginning of the visit, both the visiting student and the host student should go to the main reception of the relevant campus with the completed form, to sign in. The form will be verified by the principal, or his replacement, and exchanged for a visitor badge which should be kept until the end of the visit, when it should be returned to the receptionist. The visiting student should remain with the host student at all times during the school day, and should behave in a way that is expected of any student at ISP. Any breaches of good behaviour will, unfortunately, oblige the school to end the visit immediately.

Please note that visiting students may not participate in any school trips or visits, and that the number of visitors in any class is limited. Visitors may come in to school on one day only. The Secondary School cannot accept visitors on the last day of school before any vacation, including the International Day in December.