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Primary Years IB Programme

From Nursery to Grade 5, our Primary School students explore the PYP.

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Middle Years IB Programme

Grade 6 to Grade 9 students engage with the MYP on our Middle School campus.

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Middle Years/IB DP Programme

Grade 10 marks an important end of the MYP, ushering in our High School students to the last two years' IB DP curriculum.

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Student Experience

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What defines the student experience at ISP?

We believe our students should discover what they learn from doing.



France and its culture, regions and traditions 

Students explore France during Trip Week. These trips are an opportunity for students to get to know their peers, to connect with teachers and to practice their independence. 


Seamless access to the city of Paris

Students connect school work and life experience through our Paris as a Classroom programme, which includes cultural visits, internships and community service. 


Elevating Student Voice 

Students lead through the student voice. Their perspectives, participation and mentoring helps everyone understand that school is a place to create knowledge, not just absorb it. 


Passions through a range of activities

Students discover their passions through sports, arts, social justice initiatives, environmental clubs, the newspaper and the school news video productions. 


Creativity through student-led projects

Students release their creativity through the student-led production of plays, musicals, concerts and art exhibitions (vernissages) at school. 

Take Action

Developing student agency 

Students take action and develop agency through the Model United Nations program and through collaboration with non-profit organisations. They are change makers in their community. 


Highlights of student life

To understand what life is like as an ISP student, follow ISP on Instagram (@internationalschoolofparis) or like the International School of Paris page on Facebook! There are new posts every day to keep the community up to date on all that is happening at school and in Paris. 




2023 Senior School Play - Spamalot

2022 Senior School Play - The Crucible



2023 Grade 12 Visual Arts Vernissage



2022 Grade 12 Visual Arts Vernissage