The first guest of ISP Medicine Society
ISP Medicine Society

The ISP Medicine Society invited its first guest, diagnostic radiologist Dr. U. The ISP Medicine Society is a student-led initiative, which aims to help students understand the different professions in the medical industry and possibly to make some early choices about attending medical school. Dr. U, whose path to becoming a radiologist was atypical, is a great example of the importance of being adaptable and keeping an open mind at all stages of one's education and career.

Dr. U first obtained a Bachelor's degree in computer science. Unsure of a career in this field, he decided to join Air Force and become a criminal investigator. Here he was exposed to forensics and discovered the work of forensic pathologists. At the age of thirty, he decided to start medical school in order to become a forensic pathologist himself, a career he finally felt passionate about. However, another bend in the road led him to discover diagnostic radiology, the profession he practices today with enthusiasm and dedication.

Members of the ISP Medicine Society also learned what it's like to be a practicing physician. Dr. U did not undertake a fellowship to specialize in a particular type of diagnostic radiology; instead, serving as a trauma and emergency military radiologist in Afghanistan, he learned to read every type of image and to diagnose any type of complication. Today, even in private practice, he is still expected to cross disciplines, making diagnoses for specialists from urologists and oncologists to paediatricians. According to Dr. U it's "impossible" for the human brain to know everything across all practices, but he knows "where to look for information" and how to conduct research. He also maintains communication with his fellow physicians, collaborating to arrive at the best diagnosis.

Thank you again to Dr. U for taking the time to talk to students and staff!

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