Sean Walker to Present at the English Language Schools Association Teacher Development Day

Sean Walker to Present Research at the English Language Schools Association Teacher Development Day

On Saturday, 28 March ISP will host the English Language Schools Association (ELSA) Teacher Development Day (TDD)

Many of our own teachers will be presenting research at the TDD, including a presentation from Sean Walker, Grade 1 Teacher and Assistant Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator.

Sean Walker has over 20 years of classroom experience in grades 1 to 5. With a degree in mathematics, Sean has always loved the subject and is inspired to foster a love of maths in his students, as well as a deep understanding of the concepts explored. He has been a mathematics coordinator in the UK and has been lucky enough to attend professional development by Jo Boaler, as well as different workshops based on inquiry and conceptual understanding. Sean has held different positions of responsibility in schools in the UK, USA and France. He is an active workshop leader for the International Baccalaureate PYP. You can follow Sean on Twitter at @SeanPYPParis.

Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics
Sean will lead a workshop on inquiry-based learning in mathematics. The workshop will focus on the types of resources, questioning and engagements that promote an inquiry stance. Participants will look at examples of inquiry in classrooms, then have first-hand experiences of open-ended, investigative mathematics. We will also look at some easy-to-implement games and ideas to help students become more fluent in basic facts, meaning they can spend more time and energy inquiring! Examples will come mainly from Kindergarten to grade 5, but can be applied to other ages.

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