ISP Staff to Present at the English Language Schools Association Teacher Development Day

ISP Staff to Present Research at the English Language Schools Association Teacher Development Day

On Saturday, 28 March ISP will host the English Language Schools Association (ELSA) Teacher Development Day (TDD)

Many of our own teachers will be presenting research at the TDD, including a team presentation from Raj Bolla (Assistant Principal, Secondary School), Elisabeth Mailhac (Vice Principal, Wellbeing, Primary School) and Jo Pakulska (Vice Principal, Wellbeing, Secondary School). They lead the wellbeing team at the International School of Paris. Over the past three years they have worked towards improving the safeguarding culture at the school, incorporating research and best practice from around the world. 

Raj Bolla is a highly experienced and committed pastoral school leader. She has worked at the International School of Paris for the past 12 years, and during this time Raj has progressed significantly through pastoral support roles in the school. She was a homeroom teacher when she first arrived, then Head of Grades and then Vice Principal of Student Wellbeing (Designated Safeguarding Lead). Her most recent position is as Assistant Principal.  This depth of experience has enabled her to deliver significant developments and improvements in the provision of safeguarding for the ISP community. Raj most recently led a steering committee in the area of student safeguarding for a joint accreditation visit (NEASAC, IB & CIS) for which she received a commendation. Previous to working in Paris she worked in London, Japan and Singapore, where she mentored teachers to successfully use drama in their curriculum.

Elisabeth Mailhac is the Vice Principal of Wellbeing at the International School of Paris. She has worked in the role of VP in charge of Safeguarding in both the UK and Paris for over 7 years. She has experience in leading and delivering training on pastoral care, early years education, disability and special educational needs, attendance, student leadership and modern foreign languages. 

Working as part of an academy chain across the UK, she held an advisory role helping with school improvement. She has led a school-based research team on a collaborative project with the University of Manchester’s Centre for Equity in Education. As part of the project she worked with Professor Mel Ainscow CBE, finding creative solutions to specific issues including developing parental engagement. 

As a mentor for Leeds Metropolitan University she supported students at the Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres in Montpellier.

Jo Pakulska has worked at the International School of Paris for the last four and a half years. Starting out as Leader for Mentoring and PSE Coordinator, Jo moved on to Head of Grades 9 and 10 and most recently Vice Principal, Student Wellbeing (Designated Safeguarding Lead). Prior to this, Jo worked for the educational charity Teach First, where she developed their wellbeing structures, curricula and policies in order to benefit various communities. She worked on community cohesion projects with Haringey Council and the Prince’s Trust after the Tottenham riots, where she initiated and managed a network hub of schools and service providers. She has also worked with the UCL Institute of Education in order to train beginning teachers in behaviour and wellbeing management in their classrooms and schools.

Jo is a trained coach and worked in this capacity in a previous teacher training and development role. Jo completed an MA in Educational Leadership at the UCL Institute of Education where her thesis focused on staff retention and succession planning in schools.

Creating a Safeguarding Culture

The ELSA TDD session will focus on how, as a wellbeing team, they worked across the school to raise the profile of safeguarding.

Systemic developments were based on international safeguarding policies and practices, academic research findings and prior experience from diverse contexts.

Their aim was to embed a whole-school safeguarding culture and align staff understanding. 

Discussions during the ELSA TDD workshop will be structured around the three key areas of policy, people and place.

Register for the ELSA TDD and the wellbeing workshop. 

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