Research at ISP


How Is Research Defined at ISP?

We believe that...

  • inspiring inquiry and innovation is important;
  • each member of our school community is engaged as an active learner;
  • learning is not a journey to a destination, it is a mindset;
  • students should be equipped with values, strategies and skills to navigate a constantly evolving landscape of information, resources and ideas;
  • it is important to participate actively in the development of innovative and influential educational practices;
  • research should be embedded in student learning and professional practice.

The Centre for Research and Professional Development at the International School of Paris is a network of individuals whose collective curiosity drives knowledge generation. Network members seek to close the gap between theory and classroom practice and to contribute more profoundly to the creation of a learning society. The research centre:

  • offers professional development opportunities that prioritise personal growth;
  • produces learning tools that facilitate student and teacher research;
  • is developing a mentoring programme that will serve both the ISP and a broader community.



...our compartmentalized, piecemeal, disjointed learning is deeply drastically inadequate to grasp realities and problems which are ever more global, transnational, multidimensional, transversal, polydisciplinary and planetary. This inadequacy obscures: the context, the global, the multidimensional, the complex. If knowledge is to be pertinent, education must elucidate these factors.
Edgar Morin, 1999
All members of the learning community will understand that they are the link between what we know and what we have not yet discovered.
ISP Research Centre Steering Committee, 2019
The natural counterpoint to an inquiry-based curriculum is a research-led organisation.
Simon Murray, 2017

About the Centre for Research and Professional Development

Professional learning at ISP has always been an attitude of mind and a programme of supported activities.

Historically the School has invested significantly in conventional training, in partnership with both national and international agencies. The ISP community has also benefited from the considerable expertise of existing faculty, many of whom are examiners, workshop leaders and conference speakers.

More recently ISP has created an action research community which contributes to educational development and innovation, whether through ongoing research groups, the annual research conference and debate series or the School's role as the Paris host to IB Workshops.


The Centre's Support Structure

All actors in the ISP research ecosystem are connected, and are equally responsible for the success of research projects.
The Steering Committee sets the strategic direction and goals for the Centre in addition to providing guidance in important domains, such as ethics.
Curators recruit and train mentors and celebrate community achievements.
Mentors assist researchers by providing necessary support, including methodological or even IT advice.

To learn more, or to join the network, please contact:
The ISP Research Centre Steering Committee,
Follow us on Twitter @isparisedu and search for #ISPresearch for the most recent research news.


Which Research Projects Are Planned for 2019-20?

The Be the Change You Want to See learning conference in June 2019 at ISP's Cortambert campus was the opportunity for ISP staff to determine which research questions would structure and set the tone during the 2019-20 academic year.
All whole-school research questions link to the School's long-term strategic plan, as pictured in the graphic below.
Certain staff chose to work on individual action research projects and those are also listed below.



Which Resources Are Available to the Research Network?

The Centre for Research and Professional Development is open to the public, and we encourage you to interact with our resources. These currently include our blogs, a searchable Resource Catalogue (lists the research that inspires network members), a calendar of events at the Centre and a calendar of educational events in Paris or farther afield.
If you would like to attend any of the events taking place at the Centre, please contact The Research Centre Steering Committee,



Resource Catalogue

Research Blog

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