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I have two themes running through my exhibition, initially looking at water and then I aimed to convey the idea of an individual hiding their true personality. At the beginning of this journey, I was inspired by the water I observed in Paris and the Seine. Later, I decided to focus on our generation’s life, one’s confused identity, an issue that has dramatically impacted individuals due to problems in society. I have used a variety of techniques in my artwork, such as sculpting, painting, photography, and drawing, mostly in my 2D pieces and some 3D. The aim of my artworks was to metaphorically represent common problems so that any individual can relate to them.

For my pieces about water such as A peaceful day, Water reflection and Water refraction, I have used photographs as the basis of my work, taken by myself about the water in Paris. For my other theme of figures and identity, mostly noticeable in the pieces Hidden, Unseen, Fragmented face, Multiple face, Disturbed society, and Identity, I mainly focused on body features and disturbance. I decided to use a variety of processes such as using hands as tools when sculpting Concealed, whereas in other scenarios I molded the faces. This concerns painting too, I painted Hidden, with a palette knife and dry paint, and another piece like Disturbed society was done with a brush and wet paint. Painting and clay can be extremely useful to do abstract and disturbing pieces thus helping the viewers to perceive a certain strange imagery.  Although my work has a personal meaning, a variety of artists have inspired my work. The main ones were Frida Kahlo and James Ensor that inspired me with this idea of masks, Francis Bacon with distortion, and Cindy Sherman with disturbing staged photography. They all worked with this idea of distorting human features and representing different personalities. I want my audience to understand and realize how one can hide behind a mask.

The display of my exhibition has been separated into two parts. The first part that the audience will see, the middle of the setup focuses on the artworks about one’s confused identity; they are placed in the middle as they are the strongest pieces of my exhibition. When the viewers enter, they will approach the central panels first, Hidden, which is one of my most important pieces as it is the first one that included masks. The scale of pieces varies throughout the exhibition, and the panels are arranged in a zigzag. The clay pieces are put forwards and are displayed low on plinths such as Fragemenetd Face so that individuals can walk around them. On each side of the exhibition, the theme of water is displayed in order to close my exhibition. On the right, all the artworks focusing around the different types of blues are represented such as Water refraction and Life on the Seine, and on the left, a figurative drawing is shown, A peaceful day, that contrasts with the blues as the colors are much somber. 

By looking at my exhibition, the audience will be able to see and acknowledge the reality of our society through the arrangement of my composition as the idea of hidden personality is in the middle. For my latest pieces such as Concealed, I want the audience to be able to identify with them as I believe that everyone hides their true personality from the outside world. The majority of the artwork that I completed during this journey, revolves around one’s mental state and hiding ourselves behind a mask which is what I want the visitors to acknowledge and identify when leaving my exhibition.



Fragmented face (March 2021)

Ceramic and oxides

34 x 80 x 6cm

Fragmented face illustrates the idea of hidden emotions with the use of distortion. The piece represents a distorted head with three different faces amplifying this idea of body distortion with a fractured background which concentrates on texture. The background shows that everything around the head is broken and that “his” life is extremely complicated. The multiple faces represent the different personalities. I was inspired by Bacon’s distorted artwork



Disturbed society (September 2021)

Acrylic on canvas

130 x 95cm

The piece Disturbed society is representing the truth about the disturbing society that we live in. It is a representation of the loneliness of individuals in our society, and how they get to be themselves since they are alone. The colours that create a dark and disturbing feeling is a reference to how we as individuals live in a strange society that is not correct.



A peaceful day (October 2020)

Charcoal and white chalk onto paper


A peaceful day represents a boat resting on the Seine. This piece was based on one of my photographs and made out of charcoal and white chalk to work with the idea of texture. Representing water, allowed me to work with this idea of light and relief by creating different tones and shades. I also worked with perspectives by having multiple dominant lines which helped to create a realistic drawing. The goal of my piece was to represent as realistically as I could one of my pictures.

Life on the Seine, December 2020

acrylic on canvas

30cm diameter

Life on the Seine is a micro painting representing a barge which therefore creates this effect of life and warmth. This piece was also based on one of my initial pictures taken of Paris environment. It was a zoom part of one of the pictures. In order to create it, I used a rule of third to sketch it correctly by then underpainting it to then paint it. I used hot colours which bring this effect of summer and water. My goal was to create this piece as realistic as possible.



View of the Seine (September 2020)

Paper, markers, ink, tape on paper


View of the Seine was inspired by photographs of boats and the work of Karine Stamper. Stamper works on concertina which helped me to notice some of the techniques she applied. My piece is representing 6 scenes of boats, linked together with water. To damage the paper to create different reactions of the ink with the paper, I used tape, collages, and sprayed the piece with water. I wanted this piece to create an effect at the end of summer and warmth which is why I played with texture and water.



Water reflection 1  (November 2020)

Ceramic with oxides and glaze


Water reflection is a series of two clay pieces, representing this idea of water shown with multiple holes in the form of drops and the form of the pieces. Playing with the blues allowed me to push even further the effect of water. The source of inspiration for my work was based on multiple patterns in the background of my concertina which therefore lead me to this idea. The work of Carolyn Gender’s inspired me with the different shades of blue which therefore helped me with my work.

Water refraction 2 (December 2020)

Ceramic with oxides and glaze


I named my second piece water refraction due to the fact that water refraction is the bending of light in water and my piece portrays  the differences with my first piece. It is a bending of the original piece to make it similar but unique nonetheless. In addition, my artwork was influenced by the work of Carolyn Genders as well with her use of different shades of blue. To make this piece, I used clay and then I shaped it in a similar manner to Water Reflection 1.



Hidden (June 2021)

Acrylics on digital photo


Hidden represents hidden emotions that individuals hide from society. Indeed, this representation of the mask shows that feelings that one’s show around them are not their true colours. The different splashes of colours in the background represents different emotions that one may feel. Therefore, the true meaning behind this piece is that even though an individual might show you an aspect of their life it is not necessarily their true selves.

Inside out (March 2022)

Modroc and paper collage

20 x 12 cm

The piece called Inside out, is a series of two masks that are made in modroc and paper collage. I named it Inside out as opposed to my other pieces. I am representing a face on a mask while in my others the masks were used to hide the faces. Although the representation is different, the message is still the same. This piece is representing how an individual can hide their true personality to individuals around them, which is shown due to the frozen face on the mask.



Unseen (November 2021)

Digital photography

24 x 29 cm each

The piece named Unseen, is a series of three photographs, representing how individuals in our society hide themselves behind masks and how their true selves are unseen by individuals around them. The colours and the environment of the photographs are dark because I wanted to create a dark aspect to represent how twisted our society actually is. German expressionism and the work of Messerschmidt that worked with emotions however showed a strange aspect.



Concealed (January 2022)


18 x 11 x 19 cm

The piece named Concealed is a ceramic piece made from black clay representing the multiple personalities that an individual can have which is shown with the multiple faces represented. I named it Concealed as it is a symbol for saying that an individual personality cannot be easily seen and can be hidden.

Concealed (January 2022)


18 x 11 x 19 cm

The piece named Concealed is a ceramic piece made from black clay representing the multiple personalities that an individual can have which is shown with the multiple faces represented. I named it Concealed as it is a symbol for saying that an individual personality cannot be easily seen and can be hidden.