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Primary Years IB Programme

From Nursery to Grade 5, our Primary School students explore the PYP.

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Middle Years IB Programme

Grade 6 to Grade 9 students engage with the MYP on our Middle School campus.

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Middle Years/IB DP Programme

Grade 10 marks an important end of the MYP, ushering in our High School students to the last two years' IB DP curriculum.

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Process Portfolio

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Curatorial Rationale

More about my work and experience in the IB Diploma Programme...

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Pietro (January 2021)

Acrylic on canvas

130 x 108 cm

Pietro was created using acrylics on a large piece of canvas from a photograph I took. It is inspired by Jenny Saville’s large scale portraits depicting faces of people up close. I was interested in the idea of expressions of the face and the emotions behind every expression. I wanted to explore more on the idea of distorted eyes, because the eyes tell a lot of a person’s true feelings and personality.

Rocco (October /2020)

Acrylic on canvas 

130 x 108 cm

Rocco is inspired by my six year old brother, in fact this is him showing the family his loose tooth. I took the photograph at the moment he stretched his face creating a distorted illusion with his eyes becoming bigger in proportion to his face. This theme of exaggeration and ideas of portraying people in order to show their emotion is inspired by Lucien Freud, whose aim was to depict subjective emotions.



Otto (February 2021)

Acrylic on canvas

107 x 54 cm

Otto is a painting inspired by a photograph I took of my nephew. His facial expressions are really funny and he has no limitations in showing what his emotions are. This is a painting where I experimented more and took greater inspiration from Jenny Saville, she uses bright colours to create expressive marks around the face. In this painting I used colour to exaggerate emotions.



I See (2019)


15 x 10 cm

This college is inspired by emotions and the distortion of the human face, I took inspiration from Egon Shciele. He creates distorted paintings of people and uses bright colours and thin lines to represent their emotions and emphasize their expressions. I wanted to incorporate the same colours used but decided it would look better with natural colours since it would be a collage and look messy.



Crossing Paris (October 2019)

Charcoal on paper 

60 x 50 cm

Crossing Paris shows a girl from the legs down wearing a dress with flowers. When I took the photograph it gave the sense of movement because the dress was moving as she was crossing the street. I recreated it with charcoal on paper and it was challenging to recreate that sense of her dress moving because it’s still in a photograph but since it’s blurred it gives the feeling of movement.  Inspired by the artist Gerard Ritcher, who creates paintings of blurred images.

Half and Half (2020)

Acrylic on canvas 

30cm diameter 

Half and Half is a painting created with acrylics  with the idea of representing the colourful and mysterious doors of Paris. Many doors in Paris are different colours but very often they are hidden. I took a photograph of a green door, I then decided to focus on one exact point to create a sense of closeness to Paris. Bonnard and Matisse were a great source of inspiration as they both paint window stills of places they visited.

Streets of Paris (October 2020)

Ceramic, oxides and coloured glaze 

26 x 11 x 11 cm

Streets of Paris is an extracted piece of a street in Paris presented as a sculpture with a texture of paving stones. It shows what the streets in Paris look like, very dirty and uneven but also interesting patterns and different stone textures. Inspired by the Boyle Family’s large 3D sculptures that resemble a frame of a street or wall. The green and brown tones created by layers of oxides and glaze bring out more life and a more realistic representation of the street surface.



Lone Girl (November 2020)

Acrylic on canvas 

64 x 54 cm

The concept of this painting is to show the emotion of the girl through the colours blue, feelings of depression and loneliness. Compared to the orange background which involves a feeling of happiness, this contrast shows that the girl is aware of the happiness that surrounds her but she is blinded by her dark feelings, hence the closed eyes. I got inspired by Picasso’s Blue Period where he uses shades of blues to show poverty, depression and loneliness. I took inspiration from Lucien Freud because he focuses his works on the mind of his subjects.



Magic (January 2021)

Digital photography 

30 x 42 cm each

These photographs were inspired by the movement of the light with the contrast of a still subject inspired by the blurred images by Gerard Richter. It gives the sense of movement, the pink lighting creates an ambience of love. As pink usually represents affection and femininity, demonstrating that light can affect the whole mood of the art pieces.



Our Bed (January 2020)

Drypoint print

30 x 21 cm

Our Bed is a study of surface and movement within the home environment. The messy bed covers give the sense of home and comfort; it is the most comfortable place for a human being and important for rest. In the image we find this sense of safety and comfort reinforced also by the soft brown tones. This was inspired by the drapery by Albrecht Durer.