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Primary Years IB Programme

From Nursery to Grade 5, our Primary School students explore the PYP.

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Grade 6 to Grade 9 students engage with the MYP on our Middle School campus.

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Middle Years/IB DP Programme

Grade 10 marks an important end of the MYP, ushering in our High School students to the last two years' IB DP curriculum.

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Process Portfolio

First page of the PDF file: Kansmallprocessportfolio

Curatorial Rationale

More about my work and experience in the IB Diploma Programme...

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Fence in Paris (September 2019)

Charcoal, chalk, paper

40 cm x 70 cm

Fence in Paris is based on a photograph of a fence I took in Paris. In order to draw as realistically as possible, I focused on two points: 3-dimensional perspective and light reflection. This creates a more realistic impression. This work is influenced by Richard Estes’s cityscape drawing work. His photorealism work is extremely faithful to reality. I studied techniques for drawing three-dimensional structures and textures of urban areas such as iron.



Chaos Reality (October 2020)

Wood, Acrylic paint, Photo paper

70cm x 70 cm

I wanted to express "chaos" in this work. I drew a complicated pattern around it, and put a picture of the building I took in the middle.The pictures of the buildings add to the chaotic atmosphere of the busy urban areas. I also created reliefs in my work by layering wooden layers. This work was strongly influenced by Frank Stella's style of abstraction from the late 80's.  From Stella's work, I got an idea from the layers that were drawn from complicated patterns.



Fan (May 2020)

Pencil on paper

30 × 42cm

Fan is based on the photograph of the fan. I tried to draw as realistic. To do this, I focused on shadow and light reflection and the structure of the fan. The complex structure of the fan creates a complex atmosphere. This work is influenced in photorealism, especially Ralph Goings. The technique of expressing the small detail of an object is received from Going. In particular, the light reflections of the fans are very complex and I have influenced the technique effectively of Going's work.

Fan (May 2020)


30 × 42cm

This work is based on Fan photograph. I concentrated on the structure of the fan. Also, in this work, This work is influenced by the color usage of Ben Lewis Giles' work. I focused on using the three colors to be faithful to reality and at the same time vivid. This made the whole work more lively and vivid.



Miniature city (November 2020)

Ceramic and manganese oxide

20 cm x 15 cm

In this work, five solid forms combine. The shapes are all different, with diagonal angles and unique top shapes. In this work, I wanted to create a modern impression in the city so I used simple colors. This created a urban view of the cold and material world. Also, the work was strongly influenced by Donald Judd's minimalism - Judd's simple yet materialistic atmosphere of the object and the modern world view. As a result, the work was extremely simple and waited for a realistic element.



Future city (March 2021)

Pen, Acrylic paint

59 × 41cm

In this work, I drew a futuristic city with a pen in a cartoon style. This work was influenced by Enki Bilal's futuristic world view. I also used a pen to draw the buildings because I wanted to create a cartoonish world view. This made it simpler and more monotonous. I also drew red on the monotonous background using only a pen, which had a strong impact. The complex structure of the building was strongly influenced by the way he painted his works.



Minimal Neon (March 2021)

60cm x 84cm


Minimal Neon expresses a futuristic pictorial world in a minimalist design. Six vivid color creates strong impression of neon. The colors represent the four seasons and the morning and evening of Tokyo. In addition, the design of placing a series of squares in a row created an urban world view. The work was influenced by Iván Navarro's minimalist design of neon lights. Also, the idea of using a series of different colors was inspired by Sol LeWitt.

Back Alley (November 2020)

Acrylic paint on canvas

100cm x 100cm 

Back Alley was inspired by my own photo of a building in Tokyo. Pipes and fences are intricate on the back of the building, making it industrial and futuristic. The orange ground with the purple colours on top created a more vibrant and uneven effect. Brushes and sponges to apply the paint to created a rusty surface and were inspired by Mark Rothko’s color layering. This industrial simplified work is also inspired by Charles Sheeler.



Cyber City (March 2021)

Tyvek paper, Acrylic paint

30 × 42cm

In this work, I wanted to express an abstract, futuristic cityscape. I drew the lines of the buildings with a palette knife to create a rough world view. Also, this blurred world view was influenced by Monet's School of Abstraction. And this cyberpunk world view was influenced by Enki Bilal. I expressed a futuristic city in both an abstract and impressionist worldview. The texture of the Tyvek paper also allowed me to express the rough and dirty atmosphere of the future city.