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From Nursery to Grade 5, our Primary School students explore the PYP.

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Middle Years/IB DP Programme

Grade 10 marks an important end of the MYP, ushering in our High School students to the last two years' IB DP curriculum.

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Process Portfolio

First page of the PDF file: AlannahsmallProcessPortfolio

Curatorial Rationale

More about my work and experience in the IB Diploma Programme...

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Stare (November 2020)

Mirror, wire, plaster and acrylic on wood

45 x 55 cm

Stare represents a large circular acrylic painting of an abstract distorted eye, relating to pressure on women in society being judged. The straight black lines and words made with plaster create texture appealing to the eye. The broken glass enhances the idea of women in society being pressurized and becoming broken. Sonia Delaunay’s circular motifs in ‘Electric Prisms’, made from observed street lights gave me the inspiration for the circular eye shape.



Pieces (May 2020)

Collage on paper, acrylic paints

15 x 15 cm

Pieces represents an abstract collage made from newspaper, card, found materials and acrylic paints. This piece was inspired by a tonal drawing of a lipstick influenced by the idea of social pressure and how we use make-up to judge people. I was influenced by Kurt Scwhitter’s techniques of collage and mixed media; he collected found objects during the war. The color choices in my piece reflect the different light and dark shades areas portraying different moods.



Parisian Construction (November 2019)

Acrylic on canvas

28 x 30 x 4 cm

Parisian Construction represents a painting made in a tondo format based on one of my own photos taken in Paris. Inspired by the decorative Parisian architecture in the metro, this piece showcases the grey circular metal work contrasting with the light and dark green leaves surrounding the object. Influenced by Lucien Freud’s observation of leaves in different light and dark tones has enabled me to distinguish between different textures for the leaves and wire construction.



Double Sphere (October 2019)

Ceramic, oxides and color glaze

15 x 20 x 15 cm

Double Sphere is a ceramics sculpture made of clay composed of a large and small round sphere; the shapes were inspired by curved metal shapes from balconies. I was influenced by Barbara Hepworth’s ceramics that showcase form and contrast between textured and smooth surfaces. Using knives and wooden sticks I created these surfaces. The magenta and turquoise oxides create a lustrous and fluorescent appearance to both spheres, creating a balance between the forms and color of the piece.



Bicycle and Car (September 2019)

Chalk and Charcoal on paper

46 x 64 cm

This piece depicts a bicycle and car from an original photo. I chose a close-up as it allows the viewer to observe the unique structure of wire from the bicycle. This inspiration came from Gustave Caillebotte’s paintings of black curved metal structures. The chalk and charcoal helps create tonal contrast between the lights and darks, highlighting the important details of the piece. Working from a black and white photograph helped identify the depth of tone in the foreground and background.



Ancient Paris (November 2019)

Acrylic on paper

42 x 59 cm

Ancient Paris is an experimental painting from one of my own photos taken above the Parisian metro. I explored various techniques and used under painting, blending and dry brush to create an abstract feeling of the piece. An inspiration came from Fernand Leger’s reflection upon the future of modern communication and abstraction in the appearance of construction buildings. This quick painting demonstrates that the perspectives of metal structures are altered creating an abstract piece.



Abstraction (November 2020)

Acrylic on Wood

140 x 145 cm

Abstraction is a large acrylic on wood relief painting from an original photograph of a spiral motif. The relief is observed across the piece of additional shapes of wood; large and small sizes. This adds a visual to the eye which can be imagined by the viewer; inspired by Ben Nicholson. I was influenced by Mark Rothko’s technique of using two contrasting colors to create a dark atmosphere. The three dark brown shapes in my piece contrast the various shades of red.

Broken Color (October 2020)

Acrylic on canvas

110 x 114 cm

Broken Color depicts an abstract coil based on one of my own photos. It is a large square painting which reflects abstract motifs. I was influenced by Mark Rothko’s use of color contrasts by using light and dark tones to create a vibrant atmosphere appealing to the eye. I used similar formal qualities in color by blending in the subtle colors of yellow, orange, and light red together, as well as showing a dark contrasting color with dark brown.



Triple Frame (March 2021)

Acrylic, tissue paper, wire, steel rod and wood

52 x 13 x 45 cm

Triple Frame was based on the observation of patterns on a mirror frame that became abstracted through a series of drawings. This inspired the design of soft edged geometric shapes reminiscent of details of the frame. The light and dark green shades illustrate the natural environment. Triple Frame was influenced by Richard Deacon’s large scale structures. The three layers reinforce my abstract motifs in space that shift depending on the audience’s viewpoint.



Determined (March 2020)

Ceramic and expanded concrete (Siporex)

20 x 25 x 20 cm

Determined reflects a self-portrait of a ceramic sculpture using clay made from observing my face from a mirror. Determined represents a piece that symbolizes myself as a person, demonstrated through the smooth and subtle textures. I was influenced by the sculptor Jean Baptiste Secler’s use of smooth textures when creating the face. The expanded concrete where the head sits on becomes the abstract object juxtaposing two separate realities.