"Out of print": Grade 10 consider love and conflict in art and language

This year we looked at multicultural art as part of our interdisciplinary project, "Unity Unit". We divided into groups of two and three, making sure that every member had a different mother tongue language. This required us to work with classmates that we don't usually work with, allowing us to learn about their language and culture and show them our own.

ISP Unity Unit Grade 10 art

We had to write a story, song, poem or other form of literature about something that was both important to us and a global issue. The work had to be in all the languages the group had to offer.

During the project we were taught many different techniques for creating a picture. We learned about using water and ink to make colors more vibrant, making stamps and the different ways to stamp. We also looked at stencils and how it is not always necessary to cut the black part out, as cutting the white part can make for a more interesting picture. Using these techniques, we had to make a work of art that reflected a certain scenario that we had previously written about. We could represent the scenario in any way we wanted – we were handed complete creative freedom.

ISP Unity Unit Grade 10 art

I really enjoyed this activity and enjoyed working with classmates whom I hadn't previously talked to. The project gave me a chance to create and it was a good break from our normal learning.

Noam Ben Dor
Grade 10

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