The Year of Cortambert has begun!

Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, the ISP community will be watching, waiting, and participating in the completion of our third campus, at 45 rue Cortambert in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

Even while staff and students were away on their summer holiday, work on the site continued as the seller prepared the buildings to be handed over to ISP. The deadline for that handover is September 20.

After that, ISP will take over, working with architects, designers and outside contractors to fit out the buildings for our use. It's a complex task that needs to be completed in time to welcome students for the 2018-2019 school year.

As this school year got under way, we caught up with Isabelle Giraud-Carrier, ISP's finance director, who is supervising the project for the school, to give us an update.

The last time we saw pictures of the two main Cortambert buildings, there was a lot of internal destruction taking place, including big holes in the floors. What do the buildings look like now?

The word in French is "curé" – everything has been taken away, so they are like empty boxes. The floors were being reinforced to meet current safety norms, and that work is now completed. It is very important for us because we are a school; especially in the older building, floors from the 19th century did not meet the norms required today.

The most important work left to be done is the completion of the staircases and elevators.

Once ISP "receives" the buildings, what are the next steps?

We have sent out all the architectural elements to tender: We list what we need and ask companies to submit proposals and prices. We have received four proposals. We will read them, make comments and ask questions. We should be deciding whom to work with by Sept. 19.

What elements are included in the bids?

Carpets, walls, painting, electricity, pipes, tiles, toilets, alarms, IT wires – everything except external partitions and staircases. Like all building projects, it is quite complex.

This already sounds like a lot to do before next September.

It is, but we are on schedule.

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