2016 SDP Team's Hard Work Pays Off in Tafi Atome

Every year ISP takes a group of students abroad to participate in a Sustainable Development Project, led by ISP teacher and Project Coordinator, Cyrille Lavalle. These projects aim to support communities in less economically-developed countries, while giving students the opportunity to learn invaluable skills and experience a different way of life.

This summer the project went to Tafi Atome, Ghana, to teach in the local school and help construct a daycare center for the village's families. The project required months of preparation by the students, with each member of the project required to fundraise a minimum of 700 Euros for the necessary construction materials and supplies.

Finally, in July, the team made their way to Tafi Atome, where they got to work on the construction of the daycare center, from levelling the ground to painting fences. As well as raising the money, constructing the center and selecting the teachers, the team worked hard at every step to make sure that the project remained sustainable.

Now, a few months later, the center is up and running without them—job done! In its first week, 26 local children applied to attend the daycare center, a number that has since grown to 36.

ISP would like to thank the whole ISP community for their support throughout the year in helping us to change education in rural Ghana. Congratulations to the 2016 Sustainable Development Project Team for all their hard work this summer!

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