Synergy between Grade 9 work experience and Cortambert projects

For the second year in a row, ISP offered Grade 9 students an opportunity to discover what it is like to have an actual job for one week. We met with Anastasia, Stefan and Sara who were among the 24 students who signed up this year, to hear about their experience.

G9 work experience with architect bureau

In addition to Cortambert, students had a chance to visit other building sites, such as the new Palais de Justice.

"It was a great experience!" all three of them exclaimed. "It felt 'real', as we had to write a motivation letter and then were selected for an interview. I felt a bit stressed when I saw how prepared the others were. I had never been in this kind of a competitive situation, and I really appreciate having had a chance to get some experience in recruitment and job interviews", said Sara.

Anastasia, Stefan and Sara are all interested in architecture and interior design, and were thrilled to get a chance to work an architect bureau. Moreover, the architect they worked with is trusted with the task of planning the new Cortambert* campus, and helping with that gave their work experience yet another meaningful facet. The week gave Sara a more solid idea of what working in the field might be, and for Anastasia and Stefan it reinforced their career choices in interior design and architecture.

The students were surprised at the scope of tasks that they were given. For instance, they were asked to work on the plans for the cafeteria area, which was a real-life challenge and opportunity. The students found it quite difficult to come up with creative and feasible ideas, and realised that working with different tensions is a big part of an architects' work. To finish off the week, the students were asked to give a presentation of their plans to the Cortambert planning team, which added to the feeling of having accomplished something meaningful. "It felt like we really did some actual work!"

Watch this video to see what the students came up with!

*) Cortambert campus is currently under construction, and will become ISP's third campus. The plan is to open in September 2018. Read more on the Cortambert page of our website.

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