La vida española: experiencing language and culture on the 2017 Salamanca trip

Each year ISP's Spanish teachers organize a trip to the town of Salamanca in northwestern Spain. This year's trip ran from May 21 to 28 and took 18 students from Grade 6 to 9 away for a full week of exposure to the Spanish language and way of living.

The students spent the week immersed in Spanish at the Colegio Delibes language school. As well as following six lessons of Spanish a day, they also found time to enjoy Spanish food, make a tortilla, take some salsa lessons and learn more about the famous "corrida de toros".

ISP Salamanca 2017

At ISP Spanish is available for beginners as well as mother tongue students. This year, for the first time, students with Spanish as a mother tongue were invited to join the trip, with lessons available in Hispanic literature as well as language acquisition.

All the students and teachers came back with lots of great memories and the desire to go back again next year.

"When you go on this trip, you are fully immersed in Spanish culture and it helps you to improve your understanding of both the culture and language." Alexander, Grade 7

ISP Salamanca 2017

"It was a great trip! I really enjoyed learning more about bullfighting and found the horse riding fun. I definitely want to go back to Salamanca next year." Joseph, Grade 7

ISP Salamanca 2017

'The Salamanca trip was very varied, from learning salsa to riding horses! I had a great time with my friends, both during and after the classes... I made special memories that I will keep in mind forever because of how fun this trip was. If you are interested, you should really come because you get to spend a week in the sun, and honestly, who doesn't like Spain and its rich culture?" Juliette, Grade 7

Mylène Foucher
Spanish Teacher

The ISP Salamanca trip has been running for several years. For a taste of the beautiful scenery and activities in Salamanca, check out ISP student Christian Thevathasan's video from the 2015 trip:

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