Students say thank you to the local police

On Friday, May 5, the Primary School Student Council made a special delivery to the local police station. As part of the Primary School celebration of the Jewish festival of Purim in March, students across the school wrote thank-you cards and letters to policemen and firemen of the local community. They wrote the cards in French as part of their French lessons.

Primary School students deliver Purim thank-you letters

At a recent Student Council meeting the students decided that they would like to deliver the letters in person, so, after planning a trip, the students set out to make their delivery.

Primary School students deliver Purim thank-you letters

Purim is a fun and joyful festival in the Jewish calendar, typically celebrated by the exchange of gifts and donations to charity, as well as wearing costumes. The students marked the date by formulating their own letters of thanks to important members of our local community, as well as wearing fancy dress at school for the day. Costumes ranged from superheroes and princes and princesses, to animals and silly props.

See some photos from the Purim dress up day: