Clothing Paris: care and generosity in the ISP community!

On Sunday, January 15, 20 ISP community members, including teachers, students and families, met at La Chapelle to help the city's refugees. It was a morning of great spirit and caring attitudes, where children actively engaged with the refugees, making them food and sharing out the warm clothes they had bought for them from their fundraising efforts.

Helping Paris' refugees Helping Paris' refugees

It is times like these when we feel particularly proud to be a member of the ISP community. We can also take this time to thank Assil Charara, the Primary School Librarian, and Marianne Freire, our Cross-Cultural Coordinator, for their efforts in ensuring that there are opportunities for us to engage and help within the Paris community.

Helping Paris' refugees

Thank you Assil and Marianne and we look forward to many more opportunities to engage in active service here in Paris.

We would also like to thank all of the ISP parents! You have given so generously to the Clothe Paris drive this week. The school's storage room is full of wonderful donations of warm, clean clothes for the refugees. Your generosity is overwhelming and we wish to thank you so much for your kind donations and your commitment to the refugee community here in our home city, Paris.

Helping Paris' refugees Helping Paris' refugees

This Friday, January 20, Assil and Marianne will sort the clothes ready for distribution along with two students from each class.

Thank you so much to all of you for your generosity and commitment to service.

Kate Grant
Primary School Principal

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