Aquarium adventures with Nursery

On Tuesday, December 13, ISP's Nursery students went on a field trip to the neaby Aquarium de Paris. What did they see and how did it tie into their learning? Their class teacher, Miss Selene, wrote about the experience.

The Nursery students really enjoyed our trip to the Aquarium de Paris! We had a very good time and the children were very excited by the discoveries they made that day. We were able to better know and udnerstand the aquatic animals and plants, leaving the students particularly impressed with the diversity, colours and size of all of the living things we saw.

ISP Nursery trip to the Aquarium de Paris

The trip gave us the possibility to make connections to concepts we had iscussed in class. The students just finished their unit of inquiry on sorting, giving them the tools they needed to sort the fish by their different attributes, such as big and small fish, long and short fish, fish with fins and other strange beasts that don't look like fish but are.

We also concluded our unit of inquiry about school recently. Following on from this, the children were able to see that teachers take care of children in school just as divers take care of fish at the aquarium. The children also had the opportunity to pet the fish and show how caring they are, even though it did mean getting a bit wet!

The trip was also an introduction to patterns, one of the mathematics strands that the Nursery class will start working on after the Winter Break. However, the most important thing that day was the time spent together as a group. A big thank you goes to the parents who accompanied us on the trip too!

Selene Lourenco
Nursery Teacher

ISP Nursery trip to the Aquarium de Paris