Mathematics puzzles and real life problems in London

A trip to London took place on Wednesday, March 15 to attend an interdisciplinary mathematics lecture. After a total of two and a half hours on the train we arrived in London.

ISP students go to a mathematics conference in London

After arriving at Saint Pancras train station we had a 10-minute walk to the University College of London (UCL). At UCL we had six lectures from mathematicians, which ranged from exam techniques to the mathematics behind locating serial killers.

The first presentation involved forces and how they apply to everyday life. This presentation used quite a few props, making it captivating, interesting and clear for everyone in the audience. During the second presentation we learned about a variety of unsolved problems. Finally we got some tips about managing test situations, as well as coping with tests and improving our scores.

ISP students go to a mathematics conference in London

In the afternoon we heard Alex Bellos talking about puzzles and other ideas from his brilliant books. Some of us bought copies of his books, which he signed during the break.

ISP students go to a mathematics conference in London

The presentations were very interesting and made us think about mathematics in real life more. The trip to London was a good opportunity to increase our knowledge of mathematics, as well as our interest in the subject. I'd like to find more out about mathematics puzzles and real life problems and continue to participate in mathematics competitions.

Brian, Chaebin, Sara, Shiny and Theodore
Grade 9 and 10