Eco Ecole holds its second environmental conference: ISPEC2

ISPEC2, organized by the ISP Eco Ecole team, was held on Friday, April 28 and was a very successful event.

ISPEC stands for the "International School of Paris Environmental Conference". It was inspired by COP21 held in Paris in 2015. During ISPEC, students from Grade 6 to 12 made presentations on an environmental issue they are passionate about, either individually or in groups. The aim of ISPEC is to educate, spread awareness and inspire ISP students and staff to take action on environmental issues.


This year, participants researched topics such as biodiversity, palm oil use in industry, eco-friendly housing, overpopulation, air pollution, food wastage and overfishing, among others. Presentations ran throughout the day and were presented to all Secondary School grades, as well as some Grade 5 students visiting the conference in view of their coming exhibition.


Two guest speakers were invited to address the students. David Turk of the International Energy Agency discussed the reality of global warming as well as its effects and solutions for the future. Florian Chermeux and Diane Beaumenay, representing the Surfrider Foundation, talked about ocean pollution and our responsibility as citizens of a big city.


The feedback from ISPEC2 was immensely positive and the Eco Ccole team is looking forward to ISPEC3 next year.

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