ISP Plus Kicks Off During Spring Break!

The ISP Plus Program in April 2016 during the Spring Break was a big hit among ISP students, French children from the neighborhood and English-speaking families in Paris.

With activities such as tennis, multisports (hockey, football, bicycling, archery, pool, driving electric cars, basketball) and computer coding classes, where children learned the first steps to creating their own video game in a lively and interactive environment, there was something for every child.

The Spring Break was a blur of happy and smiling children, aged 4 to 14, who were motivated to join in the different activities. It was also wonderful to watch our ISP students interact with French students from the neighborhood, communicating in both French and English.

Parents who enrolled their children in the program gave their thoughts on how it went:

"I haven't had any trouble getting him to camp in the morning. He is always eager to come."

"If you were thinking about the ISP Camps over break I say go for it! I have a little guy in mini tennis but it's so much more than tennis (archery, anyone?) and a daughter in Grade 2 in the big sports camp. In the past 2 days she has done tennis, hockey, archery, football and more. Bonus: They come home exhausted, but will need a bath!"

"The children have enjoyed the ISP Plus activities very much. They both liked playing tennis and (my daughter) says that she enjoyed archery very much. I personally think that the activities were very well organized."

"We very much liked the Computer Coding workshop. The teacher was great with the kids – very patient and gave them lots of advice. Thank you for all your work, support and information."

The children who got involved with ISP Plus also wanted to have their say!

"I love tennis!"

"The best part was tennis. But I need to practice my back hand a lot more!"

"C'était trop bien la voiture!"

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