ISP Alumna Creates a School and a Refugee Camp in Syria

Kelly Alkhouli graduated from ISP last May, 2015, and has not been idle since then. Kelly is of Syrian origin, and while she has lived in Paris all her life, she has strong feelings for her country.

"During the summer, the deteriorating situation in Syria pushed me to action. I wanted to do something meaningful for my country of origin, and started to look for different ways to help," Kelly explains.

After careful consideration, Kelly established an organisation called Act and Impact. Together with her Syrian contacts, she launched a project with a goal of building a much-needed refugee camp and school in Syria, near the Atma village, close to the Turkish border. The project includes setting up 300 tents and creating a school for 350 students under 16 years of age and 100 adults, mainly women. Launched in November, things are running smoothly and the camp and school are expected to be operational on schedule, in February.

How on earth did an 18-year old high school graduate accomplish this?

"I was really lucky," says Kelly. "My contacts gave me information on various sources of funding, and I found support for the project from the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of Kazakhstan. Also, other organizations have been truly helpful. For instance, we received 300 tents as a donation from the International Organization for Migration, and we might also receive medicine from Doctors without Borders."

Kelly's story is an inspiration to us all. Dream big, plan well and get to work!

Wishing you all a productive and successful 2016.

Kelly with Head of School Simon Murray and Secondary School Principal Damian Kerr.

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