ISP students organize an internet workshop for French seniors

This week, Grade 8 student Felix and his friends Ewan, Ruben and James, organized the first ISP workshop for the French seniors from the Club des Ternes in Paris' 17th arrondissement, dedicated to improving their knowledge of the use of the internet.

ISP students hold an internet workshop for seniors

Felix's mother, Susanne, shared her impressions of the workshop:

We were so pleased that this Service and Action project connected the students with citizens in Paris and also with those of a different age group. Being far from our home and family, this is not a very common experience for our children any more.

At the beginning of the project Felix was very excited and he was looking forward to the workshop. When he found out the amount of work he had to put in to the project he was overwhelmed with feelings about failing and not resolving all the different uncertainties. With support from his teacher and at home, he realised that by making a plan and working carefully through each step, he would succeed. From this point onwards he worked with dedication and focus through his timeline and each of the different steps.

At the end Felix was proud and happy with how everything went, even knowing how many hours he spent volunteering on the project. The students received very nice feedback from everyone involved in his project and I was amazed by their maturity and motivation.

Once again, our students have proved their creativity and dedication to the school and our goals at ISP to promote a culture of learning beyond the classroom. The students took on the role of teachers for one day and demonstrated their ability to share what they had learned in class. Congratulations to our brave students!

Monica Devos
French Teacher

ISP students hold an internet workshop for seniors

This intergenerational activity organized by the students and supervised by Ms Devos is an excellent example of what ISP is all about. Students stepped out of their comfort zones, bridging both language and age gaps in order to share knowledge and help others. They showed organizational skills, communication skills and genuine care for the seniors as they answered their questions with patience and knowledge. In some cases this was no easy task—one of the guests shared her list of over 20 questions with me! Yet, her "teachers" took the time to respond to each one in detail, set up an online account for her and help her share her photos with her family.

ISP students hold an internet workshop for seniors

There was a lot of learning going on, all in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. I am very proud of our ISP students and I thank Ms Devos for her continuing dedication to offering our students opportunities to learn and share outside of the classroom.

Amber Herisson
Head of French

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