Grade 5 explores the Cortambert Campus

Following a discussion at our recent Leading Edge action research workshops, Richard Hine, our Director of Strategic Development, invited Grade 5 students to explore the new Cortambert Campus in its current construction state. Students were eager to see where they will be going to school next year. This was also a perfect destination, as their current unit of inquiry is investigating 'Where we are in place and time'. As the emptied building offered the ideal setting for exploring, imagining, predicting, designing and observing change over time, it was a splendid opportunity to participate in the evolution of the space.

Richard led the 56 students in four tours through ten flights of stairs, high into the attics and down into the basements, out onto terraces and around the grounds. Future cafeteria space, performing arts space, science lab, media tech rooms, relaxation areas as well as the central hub of the watering hole were included in the tour. Students wrote their plans and measured or drew their different floor plans for the new spaces to be constructed.

It was quite a day to be remembered and hopefully the students will follow the different stages of construction as they contribute to their new learning environment.

Alice said, "It was really fun to explore the new school that I will be going to. I like that there was a cafeteria. I am so excited to go there!"

Adam commented, "This was the best day of the year!"

Izzy said, "I can't wait to go to the new school."

Elinor said, "It was cool and so big."

James said, "It is so big and spacious and I cannot wait to go there."

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