Grade 8 students explored the way of tea in their humanities classes

At the end of November, ISP's Grade 8 Humanities classes were in for a rare treat, when they were invited to participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The students experienced this tradition of preparing, making and drinking tea together to celebrate friendship and life. This activity was a perfect addition to the Grade 8 unit of inquiry on culture, in which students explore cultural practices and traditions.

The volunteers performing the ceremony were a mix of parents and associates of the school. Mrs Konno, Mrs Kinnai, Mrs Ishikawa and Mrs Takao explained the significance of the ceremony before demonstrating how to actually make the matcha tea, using special utensils. They then showed the students how to drink a cup of matcha using the traditional method.

Students were also given a chance to prepare the matcha themselves, and together with the volunteers they made over 40 cups of tea! Our students truly appreciated this wonderful opportunity, and we are looking forward to hosting a similar event in our culture unit again next year.

A special thank you to our volunteers – domo arigato gozaimasu!