Spot the next Bob Dylan: Grade 7 Protest Poetry

Inspired by the now Nobel Prize winning lyrics of Bob Dylan, ISP's Grade 7 students were tasked with writing their protest poetry. Two Grade 7 students, Joseph and Rati, share their work and their experience of the project with us.

When we were creating the protest poems we were writing about things that really matter to us. I (Joseph) chose the subject of bullying, many of my friends got bullied a little but it still made them sad. I had many ideas and it was pretty easy writing the poem, but finding rhymes was harder. I (Rati) chose the subject of racism. It wasn't hard for me to write because it was based on the history of South Africa and back then it was a very racist time for us. Protest poetry is really powerful. It affects people's opinion and their perspective on certain subjects.

Joseph and Rati, Grade 7

Racism by Rati

Racism Racism still goes on today
Always making fun of people in a way
Making us sound like we're freaks
When all that happens is tears down our cheeks
The government may not see what we see
But there are some people who won't let us be
You came to our land took what we had
Killing all of us and you were glad
Tricking us into giving more and you giving less
When we protested you turned it into a bloody mess
You killed us all for no reasons
We could have been dead in 3 seasons
But thank god a powerful man
Stepped up to you and created a clan
He called the clan ANC
To give us all our people a voice
Their actions weren't so innocent but they had no choice
You shut them down and locked them up
27 year is quite a lot
Luckily their brains did not rot
Came out of jail and ran for president
In 1994 that's when apartheid ended

Bullying by Joseph

The bully, the bully
Making fun of your belly
Doesn't matter if you're kind
Doesn't matter if you're fine
They will always find a way
To make you look bad
Making you depressed
Making you overstressed
The bully, the bully
From taking your happiness
To ruining your life
Like a backstabbing knife
The bully, the bully
Picking on the weak
Making you look like a freak
Standing up for yourself
Is the right choice
Doing so,
Will unleash your voice
The bully, the bully
Looks for easy targets
If you had made yourself a hard one
You would have already won
The bully, the bully
The weakest one of them all
Standing up for yourself is a great
But making friends is a new gate
But now you have the chance
To help him advance
Making friends
Would change his stance