Grade 5 plays urban football

Grade 5 recently took a trip to the Urban Soccer centre to play five-a-side football (soccer) as part of their "invasion games" unit of inquiry in physical education (PE).

The students had the opportunity to play indoor football and experience the different rules this version of the game entails, with some taking on the responsibility of refereeing a match themselves. Emma, a Grade 5 student, describes the experience.

On Friday, November 25, Grade 5 went on a PE soccer trip. There were six different teams: the red team, the blue team, the baby blue team, the green team, the yellow team and the purple team. The teachers divided three teams in one part and the other teams in the other part. So we played the matches and then we played for first place, third place and fifth place. The winner of the tournament was the blue team. My team was fifth and I was the team captain, but I didn't care because my teammates and I tried our best. I am proud of my team, even though we didn't win.

Emma, Grade 5