Grade 5 Arts in Action – inspiring projects culminate in an impressive showcase!

ISParis Grade 5 students paint graffiti

One of Grade 5's units was an inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme of "How we express ourselves" through exploring this central idea: Artists can be inspired to take action in response to an issue.

In doing so, the students prepared a range of music, visual arts, drama and dance projects, created to respond to a range of issues in the world. The students were particularly interested in graffiti art and music composition so they were given time to use GarageBand, study the style of Keith Haring and also create street art in skateboarding park here in Paris. The children also looked at artists from their home countries.

As well as reflecting on the work of other artists, the students created their own original pieces inspired by issues that were important to them, often using the media or style of other artists. Their artwork was showcased in an arts gallery at the end of this unit.

Sean Walker and Peter Claydon
Grade 5 Teachers

Watch this video, where Grade 5 students reflect on their projects and learning: