Adventures with Grade 3 at La Cité des Enfants

On Tuesday, October 18, Grade 3 had the opportunity to explore Paris' La Cité des Enfants in connection with their unit of inquiry "Energy around the World". Two Grade 3 students share the adventures they had with us.

My wonderful school trip

As I stepped off the bus the fresh autumn breeze brushed against my shoulders, and a leaf fell onto my boots. I heard the loud grumbling stomachs of my peers, who had forgotten to bring their snack. As we were called into our groups I rejoiced that I was with my mom. Kaan and Francisco wanted to go into the Inventions room, but me, Katherine and Emily wanted to go to the Sound room, so we went to Sound. It amazed me when I saw the grand tables. Me and Emily got on opposite sides of the table and as soon as I put my ear to the hole, a gush of wind and a scream came to me. Next we moved to the main Inventions room. By pushing a lever up and down, I managed to generate electricity. I also made a customized box with stars and my name written on it. After that we went to my favorite room, Hydro Power. Almost everyone in my group, including me, got soaked, there was also a water gun where we had to shoot a ball in the air to a certain height. I loved the room dearly. Finally we went to the Body Systems room. I peddled a bike and it instantly showed me my body as a skeleton, after I put my hands on two hand-shaped spots and it showed me how fast my heart was beating. The more I increased my breathing, the faster it got. Last I held onto some straps, and jumped onto some wobbly peddles. As soon as I did it I knew it was a mistake. I held onto the rubber straps as they flung me forward, it only took a little while for me to realize that I was flat on my face.

As I staggered to my feet I heard a voice shouting "we have to go...we have to go now!" We all rushed two by two and filed into the bus. I was thankful I was sitting next to Emily, because Max had driven me crazy on the way to the museum, and at the same time that the adventure was over.

Stella, Grade 3

La Cité des Enfants

After we got to school Grade 3 went on a field trip. We went to La Cité des Enfants. During the visit, we thought about what sources of energy the machine used. First we went on a really long trip on a bus (several people felt sick). When we finally got to the museum, we saw airplanes that went around the world just using solar energy! After all that we went to the gate but Ms Fiona didn't have the tickets. So then she shouted "Ms Kem!", however she was talking to people in her group.

When we finally got in (again) we all sat down. Some people were lucky like me and my best friend Olivia, because we got to sit on the bench. When we finally got to our group owner (which was MY mom), we went around with Olivia (surprisingly), Adama, Vilhelm and Akemi (the boys who won't stop talking about Pokémon). So we went to the first exhibit that was about water. Then we went to the next one which was about our body (I think).

We got to go to many fun places indeed. We peddled a pedal that made the machine turn. After that we went to something called Communications and we used sound energy to communicate with each other (of course). Next we went to the garden section. Once we got to the garden section we went to a small greenhouse. In the small greenhouse we saw a colossal butterfly (it was HUGE!). We went through a cave then Vilhelm screamed, after that Akemi screamed, then finally (though not so much) me and Olivia screamed. A few moments later we went to a filming studio. We did a band and the song was called "The Potato". Then we did the weather, which we made a movie of (starring Bridget and Olivia). Finally we filled our papers, after that we went back to the water; we loved it! After the lady kind of kicked us out. Finally we went on the bus back to school. To conclude, it was one of the best field trips ever!

Bridget, Grade 3