Grade 2 talk saving the waves with the Surfrider Foundation

On Friday, December 12, ISP was paid a visit by the Surfrider Foundation Europe. Four volunteers came from the foundation to talk to the Primary School's two Grade 2 classes about how to protect our water and keep it clean.

The Surfrider Foundation is an non-profit organization based in Paris that fights for the protection of oceans, waterways and coastlines. One of their main campaigns is to educate citizens on environmental challenges and how to participate in keeping the natural environment clean.

Surfrider Foundation visits Grade 2

The volunteers ran a workshop with the Grade 2 students to tie in with the "Managing Resouces" unit of inquiry they have been following this academic year. The workshop included hands-on activities and games to help the students understand how to recycle and look after the rivers and ocean as responsible, active citizens.

Surfrider Foundation visits Grade 2

Surfrider Foundation visits Grade 2

As part of the session the students created their own posters about water as a resource and ways to better manage it.

See the posters in the slideshow below

As part of the "Managing Resources" unit, Grade 2 did an experiment in Semester 1 where they had to fill a water bottle with as much rice as possible in one minute. After a messy first attempt, they soon realised that they would need to make funnel-like objects to help them effectively fill their bottles and waste as little rice as possible. This was the thinking they were asked to employ again, when considering water as a natural resource.

See the experiement and hear the students' explanation below

We would like to say a big thank you to the volunteers from the Surfrider Foundation for coming to share their passion and expertise with our students!

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