Researching at the American Library in Paris

Grade 11 history students took a trip across the river on Friday, March 3, 2017, to discover the American Library in Paris. As the Internal Assessment for history looms, students had the opportunity to take out a library membership and get to know the resources on offer.

Grade 11 visit the American Library

Students are required to carry out an historical investigation of their choice, involving research, organization and critical thinking, as part of the Diploma Programme history course. Located on the other side of the Seine in the seventh arrondissement, the American Library is a great local resource for students, where they can hone their research skills and find academic sources. during the visit students were taight how to navigate the online databass and access the library's resources.

Grade 11 visit the American Library

The purpose of the trip to the American Library was to give us access to more and better sources for our Internal Assessment. Our questions must be specific and not too broad, so it can prove a challenge to find enough resources to make a strong point. Additionally, we are required to show different historians' interpretations and use reliable sources in order to obtain accurate facts.

Students tend to use only the internet as it is often the quickest way to find out information. The disadvantage of that type of research is that sometimes there are no given authors for the websites and it is unclear where the information comes from, making it far less reliable. Through the American Library we can access a wide array of useful documents, making it incredibly useful to our research project.

Lilli, Grade 11

Grade 11 visit the American Library