How students can be productive and helpful in their class projects: calendar project 2017

Following their field trip to the Parc Zoologique de Paris last semester, students from the Initiation to French Language and Culture class from grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 have been participating in a project to support ISP's Sustainable Development Project in Tafi Atome, Ghana. The students created calendars for 2017 featuring beautiful photos of animals taken during their visit to the zoo and sold at the Secondary School holiday bazaar in December 2016.

ISP's French Intiation calendar project

The goal of the field trip and the calendar project was both to expand their French vocabulary studied in class and share their work with other ISP students. Our students once again demonstrated their language skills and creativity, while sharing their empathy and solidarity with the Ghanaian children the Sustainable Development Project supports.

The annual trip to Tafi Atome in Ghana is led by Ms Cyrille Lavalle, who kindly accepted to help the Initiation to French students with their project. The students learned about the humanitarian work undertaken and continued by ISP students in Ghana each year, including building the orphanage, teaching and raising awareness of AIDS. Ms Lavalle came to the class and explained the meaning and goals of the Ghana project and showed the students how to make their calendars. This calendar project also would not have been possible without the help of art and design technology technician, Ms Diane Folliet.

Monica Devos
French Teacher

The students share their impressions of working on the calendar project:

"I really enjoyed studying the animals in class and going to the Paris zoo allowed us to put this knowledge into practice. It was great to be able to use what we learned in a way that was fun and also benefits others. We have made a calendar with the photos we took and then we sold it at the holiday bazaar. I am happy we can be helpful to the ISP Ghana project!"

Mary, Grade 9

"The trip to the zoo was a really fun opportunity to learn all sorts of different things, such as where the animals come from and what type of habitat they live in. We also learned about sustainability and made a calendar to sell and raise money for the children in Ghana."

Charlotte, Grade 9

"It was great to know that I can help the children from Ghana in a helpful way through a creative calendar project."

Chris, Grade 9

"I was very satisfied with my trip to the Paris zoo. I was able to match the name of the animal to the living examples. I am very thankful and happy that we can have activities out of the school based on what we learn in class."

Jackson, Grade 8

ISP's French Intiation calendar project

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