Recycling at ISP: On our Way to a More Eco-friendly Future!

On Wednesday, November 16, the first real recycling program at ISP was launched by the members of Eco Ecole, together with a representative from Cèdre, the company that will collect and recycle paper waste from our school from this point onwards.

Cèdre has two main objectives: actively participating in the protection of the environment, as well as helping in providing a work opportunity for people with a disability: around 80% of its employees are people with handicaps.

Find out more about Cèdre

The new paper recycling bins have been provided in every classroom, next to photocopiers and in open spaces, and the ambassadors from Eco Ecole have done their best to raise awareness about the recycling program and to instruct the school community about what can and cannot go in these new recycling bins.

In the paper bins:

  • Flat paper;
  • Binders with paper;
  • Paper with staples/paper clips;
  • Printed paper (with dry ink or paint);
  • Paper in plastic flaps.

In the black/blue bins:

  • Paper that has been in contact with food or drinks;
  • Tissues and paper towels;
  • Paper disposable cups (clean or dirty);
  • Plastic;
  • Food wrappers, cans and juice boxes;
  • Food.

As part of their efforts to inform the school community about this new initiative, the Eco Ecole team held a workshop at the Primary School with students from Grades 4 and 5. The team explained what recycling was, why it is so important and asked the students help in constructing the paper recycling bins for distribution around the Ranelagh campus.

The waste collected in these bins will go into a larger container at school provided by Cèdre, and the company will collect the waste to sort and recycle at their recycling station. For now, we will start by recycling paper and cardboard waste, one of the primary types of waste produced at ISP, but further steps in the future, such as plastic recycling, are of course not excluded.

We from Eco Ecole see this as the first step on our way to becoming a real recycling school!

The members of Eco Ecole