Discovering Sherlock at the Café de la Gare

On Thursday, January 12, students in Grade 6-10 in ISP's English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes went on a trip to encounter one of the most iconic characters in English literature, Mr Sherlock Holmes. They didn't go quite as far as Baker Street, London, but rather just across the city to Paris' Café de la Gare theater.

The purpose of the trip was to see Compagnie Oz perform the "Elementary, My Dear Watson" show in English, giving the students a better understanding of English culture and the opportunity to listen and engage with the language. The play was inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle's original story "The Sign of Four" and features many of the classic features of a Sherlock plot – wit, intrigue and above all, the powers of deduction!

Find out more about the show (in French)

The students wrote a synopsis of the story (spoiler alert!) and gave their impressions of the play:

On Thursday, we went to the theatre to see a play about Sherlock Holmes. We went there to learn English language and culture, and learn a story of Sherlock Holmes. The story was about two soldiers that steal the treasure which had already been stolen by two thieves. Then the police come and find the thieving soldier. They shoot him in the leg and then they take the half of the treasure map they find on him. Next, they find the treasure chest and leave. Twenty years later, one of the thieves' daughter, Mary, comes to see Sherlock Holmes about receiving pearls and mysterious letters. This makes her father angry and he goes to Sherlock Holmes' house to threaten him. When a man dies, they find his poisoned body and the other half of the map. They send for a dog to track down the thief's scent. They find the thief on the train after he had murdered Mary's father - it was the thief who had been shot in the leg! They take back the treasure chest and go home. Mary tries to take the treasure but Sherlock has hidden it. In the end, she leaves with an empty chest after shooting Watson!

We enjoyed the performance because the acting was funny and the songs were great. We would like to go back again! It was so nice (Gustavo's favourite word).

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