Parenting in the digital age: a seminar with Dr Elizabeth Milovidov

On Monday, October 2, Dr Elizabeth Milovidov, a lawyer, law professor and internet safety expert, came to the Primary School to hold a seminar for parents on the challenges facing parenting in the digital age.

The session addressed current issues and trends and how to deal with problems. "Common sense parenting, open dialogue, modelling adequate behaviour and attitude" was just some of Dr Elizabeth's guidance.

"It was a very good presentation. Thank you for arranging it. It will greatly benefit me as I am daily struggling with these issues." ISP parent

ISP parenting in the digital age workshop

The seminar was followed by different workshop sessions for students from Grade 2 to 5, where students discussed internet safety, digital citizenship and other pressing issues related to students' ages and needs. The student workshops were just as powerful and engaging. Dr Elizabeth, who is familiar with most of the current video games popular among children, provided the students with tips to help them be responsible digital citizens.

ISP parenting in the digital age workshop

For more information about our guest, her work, publications and contacts, please visit Digital Parenting Consulting.

If you were not able to attend the parents' seminar and would like to know more about it, Dr Elizabeth was so generous in sharing with us her presentation, which is rich with information that will help us be safe online.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at, should you need more information.

Assil Charara
Primary School Library Teacher