Thank You for a Great Celebration!

Thank you to all of our alumni, as well as former and current staff members and families who helped us celebrate ISP by attending the various events of the anniversary weekend. In Swedish they say “gästerna gör festen”, which freely translated means “the guests make the party”. And you certainly did, thank you!

There were several events during the weekend, and you can read more about them and see photos in the following news stories:

In addition to all our colleagues here at ISP, there are many other people to thank for their help with the organisation of the different events!

Thank you to

  • Philippe Gallot for sharing all of his wonderful ISP photos, and doing an enormous work of scanning his albums for us
  • Sacha Delmotte for beating the drum and helping us get a great alumni turnout
  • Natasha Stith for enabling us to have the Friday cocktail at the Marshall Center
  • James Chedburn for taking on the role of the photographer in a very ad hoc mode!
  • Caroline Porter – one of the first students of the Pershing Hall school and daughter of the founder, Monique Porter – as well as to Simon Murray, Rainer Lovato, Mike Collett, Damian Kerr, Marie-Martine Richard, Gareth Jones and Sacha Delmotte for their inspiring speeches at the cocktail
  • The Doodads, the Primary School Choir and all other musicians for the fabulous music on Saturday
  • Sonam Bennett-Vasseux for taking care of the Roland Garros tickets for the alumni
  • Trisha Paterson for help with the design and ordering of the 50th anniversary hoodies (if you would like to order one, please contact Tuija at
  • Kara Bolwell for all her help with the Saturday evening’s decorations
  • Christine Biskaduros for general support and help with the transport
  • Daria Filip for taking photos on the boat
  • Ann Le Diraison, Damian Kerr and Mandy Downes for their help with the campus tours
  • Cyrille Lavalle and the ISP Sustainable Development Team for offering babysitting help for our alumni

Finally, last but not least, we are forever grateful for the invaluable partnership of Liz Mockapetris, who volunteered her time, energy and expertise to this project for more than a year now. It’s thanks to Liz that the weekend was such a success, and we can proudly say that ISP has turned 50 in style. Thank you! 

Here’s to us!

– Tuija Wallgren, Communications and Community Relations Manager

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