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Primary Years IB Programme

From Nursery to Grade 5, our Primary School students explore the PYP.

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Middle Years IB Programme

Grade 6 to Grade 9 students engage with the MYP on our Middle School campus.

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Middle Years/IB DP Programme

Grade 10 marks an important end of the MYP, ushering in our High School students to the last two years' IB DP curriculum.

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Learning Support

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Which types of learning support are offered at ISP?

Many of the ISP students who currently receive additional learning support will have had a recent evaluation performed by an external specialist (e.g. neuropsychologist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, etc.). This is a very useful tool which enables the learning support team to focus remediation accurately.

If you feel your child might benefit from this type of service and you already have a psycho-educational evaluation report available, please provide a copy of this as part of your application. If you do not currently have such a document, and if it appears necessary, the Admissions Committee may ask you to obtain one before confirming its decision.

Learning support services may incur additional fees.

Level of Support Cost
Advanced 1 (A1) 2750 euros/year
Advanced 2 (A2) 3800 euros/year


Please consult the table below for information about learning support options offered at the International School of Paris. 



Maria Larragan

Primary School Student Support Services Leader

Rochelle Self

Secondary School Learning Support Coordinator