• We recognize the importance of inspiring inquiry and innovation.
  • Each member of our school community is engaged as an active learner.
  • Learning is not a journey to a destination, it is a mindset. We encourage unlimited personal development in our students.
  • We seek to equip our students with values, strategies and skills to navigate a constantly evolving landscape of information, resources and ideas.
  • We encourage students to use creativity and imagination in their learning.
  • The school participates actively in understanding and contributing to the development of innovative and influential educational practices.
  • Research should be embedded in student learning and professional practice.

International School of Paris, Strategic Plan, Guiding Statement 4

From our commitment to active and experiential learning to our research centre it can be seen that innovation lies at the heart of all that we do. Our vision statement - Educating for Complexity - envisages a constantly evolving landscape of information that we must prepare students to navigate.

We encourage students to use creativity and imagination in their learning and we, as educators, must do the same. One of our enabling strategies is entitled Embracing Change. To this end all members of our community participate in and welcome our dynamic environment.

While we do not advocate change for change's sake, we should embed research in our professional practice.

The education of the future is faced with this... problem because our compartmentalized, piecemeal, disjointed learning is deeply drastically inadequate to grasp realities and problems which are ever more global, transnational, multidimensional, transversal, polydisciplinary and planetary. This inadequacy obscures: the context, the global, the multidimensional, the complex. If knowledge is to be pertinent, education must elucidate these factors. [Morin, 1999]

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