Primary Years Programme (Nursery - Grade 5)


What is the Primary Years Programme (PYP) at ISP?

At the International School of Paris, our students aged 3 to 10 learn through the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. 

We believe our students...

  • learn through inquiry within a concept driven curriculum;
  • build on prior knowledge when learning new things;
  • have opportunities to learn individually and collaboratively;
  • are competent individuals with a voice and opinions;
  • get support in their journey to become autonomous learners.

Our students can...

  • collaborate to make positive contributions to their class, school and wider community;
  • use language to communicate effectively;
  • think critically and apply knowledge and skills in a variety of situations;
  • display high levels of organisation, resilience and perseverance;
  • value research and lifelong learning.

Our teachers and staff...

  • create stimulating learning environments that provoke critical thinking;
  • engage in disciplined dialogue around student learning;
  • are lifelong learners;
  • are committed to ongoing professional development and engage in effective, up-to-date practices;
  • support students and their families academically, socially and emotionally through dialogue and community workshops. 

The International School of Paris earned authorisation to offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) in 2004. Ever since, we have implemented and further developed the PYP at ISP, and beyond. Our staff includes several certified workshop leaders and international school accreditors who help other international school teachers improve their practices. 



How Can We Learn More about the PYP?

Explore the links and videos below to learn more about the PYP as an educational philosophy and how we implement it at ISP. 

Listen to this podcast about inquiry in the PYP at ISP 
Watch our Grade 5 students talk about leadership
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Watch this short video about inquiry-based learning
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Read this blog post about inquiry in the classroom

We want to give you more tools to help with implementing the MISO research method (media, interview, survey, observation) in your classroom, and so this post will take you through the steps of a unit plan mentioned during our podcast, iSPeaks. Sean Walker, grade 1 teacher at the International School of Paris (ISP) primary school, developed a unit of inquiry on Parisian landmarks. In this unit, students plan a field trip to their preferred landmark. Along the way they master the vocabulary of giving directions, using maps and other media and observing the details of their surroundings. And of course, they're introduced to MISO!

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  • MISO
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  • research
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