Learning Support


Which Types of Learning Support Are Offered at ISP?

Please consult the table below for information about learning support options offered at the International School of Paris. 

Primary School Learning Support

Nursery - Grade 5

The Primary School Learning Support team uses an inclusion model to address students’ special educational needs. This means that the learning support staff work alongside class teachers in class with identified students.

Students who need extra practice in basic skills spend some time with the Learning Support teacher outside the classroom on a temporary or occasional basis to enable them to meet particular goals. This practice is exceptional and will be regularly reviewed.

Students who receive support get a separate, written report to inform parents of their progress. Learning Support staff are always happy to discuss children’s individual needs with parents by appointment. External referrals may be made when necessary.

Secondary School Learning Support

Grades 6 - 12

The Secondary School has supplementary learning support services which can be offered to students who are identified as needing extra help in order to succeed academically at the school.

These services are designed to benefit students who are of average academic ability overall, but who have mild weaknesses in one or two specific core skills (typically reading, writing or mathematics).

The services fall into three categories, or levels:

Basic level support
*depending on support teachers’ availability

   Occasional, in-class support by learning specialist, in collaboration with class teacher

Advanced support level 1
**incurs additional fee - please see Fee Schedule

   Regular, out-of class support with learning specialist in small groups, 2-3 sessions per week
Advanced support level 2
**incurs additional fee - please see Fee Schedule
   Regular, out-of class support with learning specialist in pairs or individually, 4 sessions per week 


Many of the ISP students who currently receive additional learning support will have had a recent psycho-educational evaluation performed by an external specialist. This is a very useful tool which enables the learning support team to focus remediation accurately.

If you feel your child might benefit from this type of service and you already have a psycho-educational evaluation report available, please provide a copy of this as part of your application. If you do not currently have such a document, and if it appears necessary, the Admissions Committee may ask you to obtain one before confirming its decision.

Please note that ISP’s learning support services are in high demand and availability is limited. The services are designed to support students with mild weaknesses in certain key skill areas and cannot address more generalized or significant learning difficulties.