Teacher-Led ECAs


Below are some of the teacher-led extended curriculum activities at the International School of Paris. PS indicates Primary School and SS indicates Secondary School. This sample list does not include sports.

Brain Games (PS) - Together, children play a number of board games, card games and other games which encourage logical thinking, thinking outside the box and more!

Maths Club (PS) - Extension and support activities in an engaging setting.

Hindi (PS) - Mother-tongue language instruction.

Reading Club (PS) - Sessions designed to address individual reading levels and interests, divided into individual reading, shared reading and reading aloud.

Senior and Junior Play (SS) - Students can participate on stage as cast members, or work behind the scenes on our very popular school theater productions.

Yearbook (PS, SS) - The perfect activity for budding graphic designers, photographers or journalists.

Model United Nations (SS) - Practice diplomacy, debate skills and better understand current affairs.

Sustainable Development Project - Fund raise and prepare for the annual trip to Africa, where ISP has worked to build and improve schools in different countries.

Eco-Ecole (SS) - Lead sustainable development projects in the school and larger community.

Tech Team (PS, SS) - Lead tech projects and support students and teachers in their use of technology.

Life Drawing (SS) - Students learn to draw and paint the human form.