Externally-Led ECAs


Magic Makers


As you know, our mission at the International School of Paris is to prepare our students to engage with and succeed in a complex world.

In order to fulfill our mission we have a longstanding partnership with Magic Makers, a start-up that proposes coding workshops for children from 7 to 15 years of age. The goal of these workshops is to give children the capacity to comprehend technology and to make their ideas reality.

Working within their age groups and in classes of no more than 10 students, children experiment and collaborate to create their projects with technology: video games, mobile apps, websites, Legos or robots, 3D objects...

You can find all the Magic Makers workshops taking place at the International School of Paris during the spring break:

  • 5 half days, from Monday to Friday;
  • Workshops starting at 220 euros.

You can enroll your child(ren) on the Magic Makers website.


Rock U

Rock U. at Ranelagh with Doug Stanley
Group size limited to 8 students

Rock U. is a performance-based rock band programme for kids, teens and adults that is as rewarding as it is fun! Being in a rock banc isn't just about playing the notes and the beats. It's about responsibility, confidence, teamwork, trust and the thrill of creating something with others that you could never create by yourself. We'll rock out for sure but, more importantly, we'll learn how to make music together as a band in a supportive, fun environment.

Our Rock U. at Ranelagh band for grades 3 to 5 practices every week, learning new tunes and rocking out to get ready for multiple performances throughout the year. In addition to the three Rock U. concerts per year, the Rock U. at Ranelagh has played for ISP assemblies, Grade 5 graduation, ECA events and event a few surprise concerts in the ISP courtyard! If you're ready to rock, we're ready for you!

You can learn more about Rock U. by visiting our website or watching this video.

Jimy Guitar with James Dempsey

James Dempsey has been teaching the guitar at the ISP for a decade and has seen numerous ex-students go on to music related careers. James currently teaches two groups of guitarists at ISP, the Beginner Group and the Advanced Group. His focus is always rooted in the practical, and in getting his students to learn and improve by playing the music of the artists they enjoy the most, whilst also attempting to broaden their musical horizons. Visit his website to discover more!