Extended Curriculum


Why Are Extended Curriculum Activities (ECAs) Important at ISP?

The Extended Curriculum Activities (ECAs) offered by the International School of Paris form a big part of students’ lives, and a great majority of students are enrolled in at least one activity. While the ECAs are not part of the formal curriculum, they strongly support the philosophy and learning style of the International Baccalaureate programmes.

Participation in these activities develops students in all areas of the learner profile, gives them opportunities to try new disciplines and perhaps even find their passion(s) in life. In addition to developing interests and skills, the ECAs enhance school spirit by giving students and staff opportunities to interact across grade boundaries and to make new connections in the community.

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Teacher-Led ECAs


Most of our ECAs are led by ISP teachers with a skill or talent they would like to share with students. Or, teachers create activities based on students' requests.

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Student-Led ECAs

Each year, ISP students take on the extra challenge of teaching others something they are passionate about during lunch time or after school.

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Externally-Led ECAs

Other activities are led by our trusted external partners, who come to campus to work with students. Music, languages, coding and sports are included in this offer.

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Which Sports ECAs Are Offered at ISP?

An example of one sports activity: the Secondary School running club enjoying a crisp winter day in Paris during their lunch-time outing!

Primary School Sports: Social and Competitive

Social Sports: hip hop, Africa dance, capoeira, judo, rhythmic gymnastics, ultimate frisbee, football, swimming, ball games, playground games

Competitive Sports: swimming, football, basketball, hockey

Secondary School Sports: Social and Competitive

Social Sports: running club, badminton, capoeira, volleyball, circuit training, gym club

Competitive Sports: junior and senior football, junior and senior basketball, swimming, field hockey, tennis