Resources for Staying Safe and Informed


Last updated:
5 May 2021



How can we test ourselves for COVID-19?

Watch this video in French with English subtitles to see how the self-testing is done.

Please note that on 26 April the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) approved these tests for students younger than 15 years old, but as the video was produced before this time the age information is reflected incorrectly.

The self-tests at ISP are approved for under 15 years old.

You can read the full HAS opinion (in French) here.

Q&A Version Originale (Française)
(Source: Ministère de l'éducation nationale, de la jeunesse et des sports.) 

Self-testing Questions & Answers



Click the image to view and download the instructions in French as a PDF. 

Click the image to view and download the unofficial translation in English as a PDF. 



Resources for Staying Safe and Informed

We require all school community members to research and follow the latest requirements concerning health precautions, travel and quarantine. 

ISP leadership and staff also use the links provided here to stay informed about evolving government protocols. 

How do I Wear a Mask?

How do I Wash My Hands?

Safe at Ranelagh!

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Safe at Cortambert!

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Safe Play!

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    Who to Contact?

    COVID-19 related contact information and links.

    COVID-19 Contacts Infographic

    General questions contact information.

    General Contact Infographic